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Conditions of participation

flautiada 2017

The competition is divided into two groups:

Students of these types of schools are entitled to take part in the competition provided that they fulfil the following conditions:

Attendance fee

Attendance fees will be used solely for organisational purposes and catering for all participants.


Application deadline – 15th of March 2017
Please send your application via the filled-in electronic form, e-mail or regular mail with the proof of attendance fee payment enclosed.

Address: OZ Flautiada, Nové záhrady III. 11,
82105 Bratislava 2, Slovakia
e-mail: info@flautiada.com

Bank account

Bank name: Tatra banka
Bank account name: FLAUTIADA, purpose of payment: attendance fee + name
IBAN SK 74 1100 0000 0026 2822 5036
BIC code/ Swift Code: TATRSKBX


The costs for the accomodation are payed by the competitors and all passive participants.